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Must Know Beach Hacks

March 21, 2018

Must Know Beach Hacks


Living in Miami, going to the beach is one of our favorite ways to spend the day. Make sure you are always prepared with our favorite Beach Hacks


1. Use a fitted sheet to keep sand out



2. If that is still not enough, invest in a sand proof beach mat and/or towel

This will definitely do the trick and will make your beach day more enjoyable. Buy them here.



3. Use baby powder to remove sand from your skin




4. Shave and layer with baby oil

Did you shave just before going to the beach? Next time, shave and layer with baby oil so your legs don’t sting in salt water! 



5. Protect your phone from water with a plastic bag

Protect your phone from water with a plastic bag, or invest in a waterproof cell phone pouch that you can buy here to avoid any expensive casualties.



6. Put your valuables inside something people would never touch

Place your valuables inside a pad wrap, a wrapped diaper, or inside anything that people tend to avoid. No one will look inside anything like that. 



7. Make sure you don’t lose your keys with this DIY Cork Key Chain

Next time you are drinking wine with your friends, save a cork! It i very easy to turn it into a key chain and you won't risk your keys from being lost. 


8. Never lose a pair of sunglasses again, and buy some Biscayners that float


We have many models that float because our sunglasses are very light weight. Look for our wooden products so you don't risk of losing any expensive sunglasses in the ocean. 

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