How We're Handling Coronavirus from our Island, Key Biscayne

How We're Handling Coronavirus from our Island, Key Biscayne

Cabin fever starting to kick in?

We feel you.  Here at Biscayners, we’re taking all necessary precautions to make sure our community stays safe and healthy amidst the recent developments around COVID-19 Coronavirus here in Miami and beyond.  From frequent hand washing, encouraging our team to work from home, and sadly even cancelling a birthday celebration (we owe you one, Chesco!), our small but mighty team is here for you and had a few thoughts on ways to self quarantine and limit social interaction in a sustainable way.

And as always, we’re not medical pros but simply know a thing or two about making great sunglasses, living life to the fullest and most importantly, looking out for our neighbors.  Check out our stay healthy/ stay sane tips:

  • Greeting one another- Ever been to Miami?  We're big on hugs and kisses on the cheek to say hello/ goodbye but recently, we’ve shifted to the wave (yes, like the one at the sporting events we used to attend, r.i.p.) or a new favorite, the foot shake.  Try it! It’s fun.

  • Staying Sanitized- Purell is worth its weight in gold these days and we’re obviously stocked up.  With Easter around the corner, we’ve hid a multitude of mini bottles around our homes and offices to make staying germ free, fun and exciting during quarantine.   

  • Prime Time- Thanks to delivery services graciously still being available, just about anything can arrive at your door within hours, even in these times.  Have you paid it forward to your loved ones with grocery or health related necessities? Consider sending Abuela some Black Elderberry or your friend with a few kiddos some extra antibacterial hand wipes.  Order cafécito y empanadas from your favorite local shop through Uber Eats.

  • Fresh Breeze & Vitamin D- Have you opened up your windows and doors lately?  Being stuck at home in the Spring could mean sunny and 75 temps in the air.  Let it in and be thankful this lock down isn’t in the cold of winter. Head out to your favorite hidden beach and don’t tell anyone the location (Bring your sanitizer and wipes).

  • Giving is always in Season- It’s easy to complain when things are inconvenient, postponed or cancelled but we can assure you someone somewhere is worse off than you.  You may have temporarily lost some of your 401K but someone is struggling to pay for their next meal. What do you have a surplus of (besides toilet paper) that you could share with your neighbor?  You may have to work from home, but others would be so gracious to have a job. Perspective is everything, especially when many things are outside of our immediate control.

  • Shopping Helps, It’s Science- Lastly, online shopping may make you feel better so if you’re surfing and decide to swing by, get 19% off anything you order with code:AYECORONA through the end of April.  For every purchase made with this code, we’ll donate 6 meals to a person in need throughFeeding South Florida.

  • In all seriousness, we understand these are trying times and we want you to know we appreciate you and your business.  As small business owners and small business supporters, we’re curious about how we can best support you and your communities.  Email us here, DM us on Instagram, and message us on Facebook to share the most proactive ways to move forward and come together through this uncertain time.

    All our love,

    The Biscayners Team