A Brief History of our Island Paradise- Key Biscayne

A Brief History of our Island Paradise- Key Biscayne


How much do we love our Island Paradise, Key Biscayne? Let us count the ways. You see, KB is not just any island, but one with rich history, abundant coconut palms, humble beginnings and many reasons to visit or stay forever. 

Back in the 1500’s, the place we now know as Crandon Beach was occupied by the Tequesta Indians of the Calusa Tribe and later claimed by Juan Ponce de Leon by the name of Santa Marta. When Florida became a territory of the United States in the early 1800’s, the island was sold back and forth for around $200 bucks. Um, can we get an island for that cheap please?


Crandon Park Beach

Here’s where it gets interesting. The Key Biscayne Lighthouse we know today was a replacement from the original, which was burnt down during an attack during the Seminole Wars. Around this same time, regular pirates (yes, pirates) were raiding ships in the surrounding waters. Arrrren’t you glad the pirates have chilled out since then?


Key Biscayne Lighthouse

Also, pretty much everyone wanted to own a piece of the Key and some of the disputes about who would own it, went to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, coconut plantations and experimental fruit groves were being planted, schools, a commissary, a zoo, and even the ‘Mashta House’ (a home for entertaining notable socialites) took root. Oh yea, and the Rickenbacker Causeway wasn’t built until the Matheson Kids made a deal with Dade County to give the northern half of the Key to the public in exchange for a causeway.


Mashta House KB

As the Key began to develop, with block houses originally built for military veterans, the first 9-hole golf course and The Key Biscayne Yacht Club, many famous celebs and politicians like John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon vacationed in The Key Biscayne Hotel and Villas. 

Crandon Park Post Card

Over the more recent years, the Key Biscayne Lighthouse was re-lit and continues to be a guiding light for sea travelers. Luckily, our Island Paradise has fared well during most hurricanes besides hurricane Andrew in 1992. From devastation comes new life, and the island has only rebuilt stronger and become more of a paradise than ever.

Today, Key Biscayne remains a pristine getaway and to many, the home sweet home just a short drive across the bridge from busy Miami. The history of the Island is the heart of our brand and every collection/pair of glasses is named after a street or landmark of Key Biscayne. Biscayners represent our Island Life and provide unique sunglasses and clothing for ocean lovers around the world.